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 Is your car telling you that it is time for a tune up?  Let the experts at Tveten’s Auto Clinic, help you with your vehicle needs.  Give us a call at 253-588-5201.

If your car is suddenly getting lower gas mileage than it did before, this is a sign that the car may need a tune up. On the average a car gets about twenty miles per gallon. If the vehicle has dirty fuel filters, bad spark plugs, or bad fuel injectors (all of which are checked during a tune up) then the performance of your vehicle will be affected.

When the car is started, does it have trouble cranking or turning over? You may notice that the “Check Engine” light is on also. Both of these problems could be signs that the car needs a tune up. Bad spark plugs can deter the electrical flow through the currents, which would affect the vehicle.

Low fluids can affect how the steering wheel turns. The steering wheel may be stiff when turning it or there may be appear to be a loud, squeal as the wheel is turned to the right or left. Keep in mind, if after the fluids are filled to the appropriate levels and the problem still occurs, there could be a leak in the container.

 As you shift from park to drive, you may notice an abrupt jerk. This can be a sign that the car needs transmission fluid and filter. Do not ignore this sign; it could lead to costly future repair, such as a new transmission.

A symptom of low brake fluid is soft or spongy brakes. Another symptom may be that the brake pedal goes down too far or that there is squeaking or squelching noises while pushing on the brakes. Again, after the brake fluid is low consistently after filling it this could mean that the brake pads are worn out.

An “egg like” smell may be coming from the exhaust; this may indicate a dirty or clogged catalytic converter. During a tune up, the catalytic converter is checked and cleaned if need be. Also, if it is clogged this can be affecting your gas mileage as well.

If your vehicle keeps chugging or sputtering after the car is shut off, this is an indicator of your car needing a tune up. A bad run of gas or a buildup of carbon in the chamber can cause this problem as well.

While accelerating when going up a hill or speeding up, if the car sputters then this is a sign that the car needs a tune up. Buildup of dirt or grime on any emissions part of the car can cause the car to sputter or stall out.

If you hear pinging or knocking in the engine compartment, this could be a sign of bad fuel or fuel injectors. Again, this could be caused by carbon build up in the combustion chambers.

A clogged O2 sensor can cause the black smoke to come out of the exhaust pipes. Another indicator of a clogged O2 sensor could be a burnt fuel smell.

Our commitment to our valued customers is to provide the best level of service and repairs that are possible today. Without this kind of commitment to obtain all the current technology to diagnose high-tech vehicles, it is just a guessing game. We believe that a guess is not what you want.

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