Air Conditioning

What’s the Condition of Your Air Conditioner?

As your local air conditioning service and repair expert, Tveten’s Auto Care is passionate about customer service.

When it comes to air conditioners, that means giving you the peace of mind of knowing your car’s air conditioner will consistently blow cold air when you need it. After all, temperatures can vary drastically from one day to the next. By getting regular air conditioning system check-ups, you won’t have to worry whether your air conditioner will be able to keep you cool when the weather heats up.

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What’s the Condition of Your Air Conditioner?

When is the last time you had your air conditioner tested? If it’s been more than a year, your air conditioning system may not be performing at its peak or, even worse, it may not be functioning at all.
Don’t risk it! Let us examine your air conditioner before you find yourself stuck in a hot car in a traffic jam.

Tveten’s experienced technicians perform comprehensive tests of your car’s air conditioner to inspect:

  • Seals, lines, hoses, and all other components for cracks and leaks
  • The compressor drive belt of the air conditioner for signs of cracks or other damage

If our diagnosis uncovers problems with your air conditioning system, our professional technicians may:

  • Recharge the air conditioning system according to the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Empty refrigerant from the air conditioning system
  • Service and repair any condenser, compressor, evaporator, or electrical system failures

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Home and Car Air Conditioners – Plan, Prevent, and Prolong

Preventative maintenance is as important for your car’s air conditioner as it is for your home’s air conditioner. They both require regular service to avoid problems and consistently work properly. Your home’s air conditioner filter needs to be replaced every three months. Your car’s air conditioner needs to be tested on an annual basis to detect and repair damaged components before they become costly problems.

Tveten’s Auto Clinic makes it easy to remember when it’s time for your annual check-up. Part of our Comprehensive Car Care Program includes sending an email reminder when it’s time to analyze your air conditioning system. Our program helps you:

  • Plan for your next scheduled air conditioning service
  • Prevent air conditioning problems before they happen
  • Prolong the life of your air conditioner


Tveten’s Auto Clinic Advantages

  • Professional, ASE Certified Technicians
  • Over 60 Years of Professional Experience
  • Customer Care and Rewards Programs
  • Complimentary Local Shuttle Service
  • Environmentally Friendly Facilities – 5-Star EnviroStars
  • Early Bird / Nite Owl Service – After hours vehicle drop off
  • 12 Month / 12,000 Mile Nationwide Warranty
  • 24 Month / 24,000 Mile Local In-House Warranty
  • Lifetime Protection Plan
  • 24-Hour Nationwide Roadside Assistance
  • AAA Approved Auto Repair