The Michelin tires history is connected to a dummy, star status idea and a friend of the advertising world. He’s the personification of Michelin’s safety and technology, he personalizes the way of transportation, the safety of tens of thousands of people regardless of what. Whether by car, subway, plane, bike or bike, MICHELIN is within all of us.
The Michelin brand with tires links originated out of the need of a cyclist, unhappy at that time spent on drying and the repair of the adhesive used to bind the tires. It was then that these brothers Andre also Edouard Michelin, who owned a small mill with 52 workers that produced brake pads made of rubber and yarn, within the town of Clermont Ferrand in France, because of 1889, wondered the best way to ease this work.
They improved the demountable tire, reducing the fixed time of 3 hours a night to fifteen minutes. The cyclist Charles Terront, running Michelin tires, won Paris Brest Paris 8 hours before his closest rival to the race, and twenty-four hours before 3rd placed. A year later, more than 10 000 cyclists rode with Michelin tires. The next step was to manufacture tires for another way of transportation. In 1894 came this first tire to train, whose comfort also silence this Parisians would love. The next year, in a race between Paris also Bordeaux, the brothers entered a vehicle, called Eclair, equipped with tires.
Regardless of the victory with a few slacks, the steady the tires were still a problem. In 1903, close to their great success, they were negotiating their product in a little, But promising American city called Detroit, which had only been mounted a large car factory: Ford. That same year appeared this first tires for motorcycles. The first concern of this time was to increase this credibility and longevity of the tires.
During that time, the life span of this tire was very short: between 1200 also 1500 km. Two important innovations brought To the tire wear resistance: the debut of Black Carbon in the production of tires, accountable for its black color, that has quintupled its longevity, used because of 1917, also the appearance of a net of fabric material, in the carcass of the tire.
The first major result from these ideas was this launch in 1923, of Comfort, the first low-pressure tire. Its longevity was 10 times higher than that from this first tires. 2 years later, the integration of circles on this heel fixed this tire to this wheel with more credibility than the previous technique.
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