You may have been mislead by a shady car repair shop but that doesn’t mean all mechanics don’t have your best interest. In fact, many mechanics are honest and all it takes is a few bad apples that ruin it for everyone. Next time you take your car in for service, recall these hints below that will allow you to know if it is time to switch to us.
1.) They pull the old bait and switch. Your mechanic provides you a free examination. Then hits you with a laundry list of things you must have done to help keep your vehicle from caring on the road in a ditch.
Many auto mechanics use the free examination as a point of entry to diagnosing problems you do not have. Which makes suggestions for repairs you do not need. Then backing all it up with an admonition which sounds like a page torn from the road themed horror film. Your vehicle could only give and die in the midst of nowhere. The problem is far too many drivers who are not car experts will drop for this kind of thing hook, line and sinkers. In case your mechanic makes dire predictions and warns you to help keep your vehicle off the road until you have paid them to fix it, consider getting a second opinion from us.
2.) They are unwilling to give you a written estimate. Asking a mechanic to place a quote for repairs on newspaper lets you be capable to go get a second opinion someplace else. And who knows? Maybe you will end up taking this listing to another store where they will tell you about the many different approaches you are being conned out of your money. A real rat, dirty rat will provide to allow you to walk away with the proof of their schemes in hand. If they don’t like to use a written assessment then go away.
3.) Some car mechanic makes you pie in the sky promises. Dirt maintenance can turn into bank busting operation. Read the fine print for tip offs like fees may apply. And when there’s not any fine print? Do not even bother. Turn tail and move to us.
4.) Your car mechanic gives you a spending budget breaking estimate for repairs and after that asks if you would like to sell your vehicle to him. Your vehicle is over 8 years old with only over 100, 000 miles. Before receiving the estimate from the mechanic you asked him when the vehicle was worth holding on to.
The mechanic response leads to a few questions. If the vehicle isn’t worth holding on to, why is the mechanic intrigued by it? More so, the list of repairs is bogus plus they wish to reverse the vehicle for a fast profit. Walk away and get a second opinion with us.
In the market for a new mechanic? Start with us.