This is when you are going to replace a flat tire instead of getting it repaired:
The tire has a sudden reduction of atmosphere and you push on it level.
The tire is creating a fwump, fwump, fwump, sound when it rolls.
That is a sign of harm, like tread separation, which cannot be fixed.
The sidewall has a puncture, a cut exposing the cable, or even a bubble or bulge.
The shoulder has some harm, even when it is a little puncture.
You place a bulge on the tread.
There is deep enough wound into one of the steel belts.
The dimensions of the wound at the tread is larger than 1/4 inch.
You have some types of run-flat tires.
The tire has been fixed before and the new injury is close to the previous patch.
The tread is used to the treadwear indications or to 2/3 inch tread depth.
With these tips you will now know whether to see us or not. Still have questions? Give us a visit.